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Proud ptaFUNDCenter Sponsors

Major U.S. companies are coming to the aid of State PTAs in this time of need!

Year-Round funds have been permanently committed to U.S. State PTAs to both address today’s challenges and pursue tomorrow’s opportunities, bringing present and future stability to school children’s futures.

Over 200 of America’s top companies are contributing to a financial partnership whereby funding is committed to State PTAs nationwide.  These pre-arranged partnerships are made possible for State PTAs thanks to ptaFUNDCenter, a no-cost way for State PTAs to automatically receive funds via partners sponsoring State PTA websites through a simple banner. (See below…)

Funding starts in as little as 24 hours after each ptaFUNDCenter Connects per special partnership arrangements made with each sponsor, limiting the State PTA staff efforts to 30 minutes of setup, and receiving automatic funding monthly.

This timely funding flows effortlessly for State PTAs because their websites are securely monetized 24/7 by trusted partners/sponsors.

✔ Regulate website sponsorships using the same policies that govern school facilities.

Establish “family-friendly sponsorship” guidelines that apply to all sponsorships.

Set aggressive revenue goals without compromising family-friendly sponsorship guidelines.

✔ Enact privacy policies that guarantee data is used solely within PTA/school websites domains.

Ensure data and content security, protecting servers and all information.

Strategically position your sponsors to maximize revenues without cluttering your website.

Institute 24/7 access to funds, sponsorships, revenue status.

Utilize data analytics to optimize revenues.

For over 20 years, the ptaFUNDCenter teams have helped tens of thousands of PTAs, districts and schools
earn tens of millions via partnerships with education-friendly companies.

Our broad veteran experience is the backbone of our ptaFUNDCenter website monetization program,
ironclad with all the mandatory component above.

Educational institutions will gain maximum online revenues year-round, at no risk or cost,
without being distracted from day-to-day responsibilities.